1976 Honda CB550 - Brat Cafe

CB550 001

This 550 has taken some it’s stylistic concepts from both the brat and cafe racer styles.

All original pieces prepared and coated:

  • Powdercoated frame, rims, hubs, fork legs, engine covers and calliper in Super Durable Wet Black.
  • Powdercoated the chopped fenders, rotors, engine mounts and pedals, master cylinder, fork tubes with Tuscan Matte Black.

Frame mods:

  • Got our ACP #caferacer #kickup #framehoops welded on the frame
  • Added an electronic tray under the seat that houses everything, concealed it with wire mesh to tie it all together.

Front End:

  • ACP designed cb550 top triple, machined out of billet aluminium.
  • Clipons with classic grips and bar end mirrors.


  • Rebuilt front suspension
  • New rear suspension, fresh bushings and bearings throughout

Paint & Tank:

  • Matte black tank
  • Offset pin stripping on tank, fenders and headlight.

Engine & Driveline:

  • Engines on the 550s are solid;
  • Rejetted the carbs added some foam pod filters.
  • New drive line components with the chain and sprockets.

Electronics & Lights:

  • Digital ignition upgrades, lithium ion batteries
  • Digital gauges
  • Custom tail light, turn signals and head lights


  • 4 into 1 MAC headers
  • Wrapped headers


  • Custom made seats, by Mike’s Upholstery in Hamilton.