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Designs and the build process

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Custom designed and soon to be built upper and lower triple clamps for Ohlins forks for the #gs1100 #Katana build

We decided we are going to tell you a little bit more about the “behind the scenes” at ACP.

It is common knowledge that we love bikes, we build bikes and we dream bikes. We wish we would get to assemble and install fancy new parts all day but that just isn’t how reality works. 
There is a lot of down time with builds and some are worse than others. 
We have a good number of projects on the go so we try arrange our time in the fashion that if we have to wait 2 months (fairly common for overseas orders) for a part on one build we can move on to the others. 
This “down time” is now generally used for designing and machining components that we will be using on our projects. 
It takes time to properly design one off components even with the aid of computers. 
First you have to do hours of research to figure out what parts will work, what parts will not, what materials to use and what is it all going to cost. 
Then the CAD portion of the design can be completed, which in itself can be a challenge depending on the complexity of the part that is being designed. 
When the design is done you have something beautiful to look at on screen, but that is all it is. Now we have to turn that design into reality. 
After some more computer work to design the machining paths, we are now ready to take a block of aluminum and shape it into a functioning work of art. It is CNC time! 
I will say this; there are few things more enjoyable to me, than seeing my designs materialize in front of my eyes. It is a process to get to that stage but it is worth the wait. 
Even once we have the machined piece in our hand, we are not done. The final stage will be either polishing or powdercoating the piece to match the rest of the project. 

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